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YOKE THE PONY (My Ireland Childhood)


A novel about life in Ireland fifty years ago. A memoir of my growing up in Ireland three generations ago. A charming glimpse of life in the old Ireland of the forties and fifties.

Molly resisted the move for as long as she could. When she finally agreed to leave the comfort and convenience of city life, take her five children to the hardship of life in a little thatched homestead on the edge of a bog, and endure the trials and tribulations of caring for a cantankerous old mother-in-law, she often painfully regretted her mistake.
Isolated in a desolate old shack by a railway line, at the end of a long lane, with only the passing trains and the birds of the bog to break the silence, was no place for a young family, and to survive, she had to call on all her powers of patience, wit and creativity.
Fate, and her own unflinching determination, finally came to her rescue, and she emerged with her dignity intact, her spirit restored, wiser and better prepared for the bright future she so longed for herself, her husband, and her children.

This is the true story of Molly in the primitive Ireland of the fifties. It is also my story. How?
Molly was my mother.

Ireland, Europe, Killarney, County Kerry, tourists, adults, jaunting, car, pony, trap, horse, carriage, ride, Gap of D. Ireland, Europe, Killarney, County Kerry, tourists, adults, jaunting, car, pony, trap, horse, carriage, ride, Gap of D

“Inspired by a true story of life in Ireland three generations ago”

“A tearful of Irish childhood memories”

“A heart-warming novel of bygone days in Ireland”

“A glimpse of old Ireland through childhood eyes”

“A beautiful memoir of growing up in the Ireland fifty years ago”


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A charming, delightful story following one family’s joys and trials living on a smallholding in Ireland, in the 1950’s.

Astute and stoical Molly is uprooted from civilized city life to live in a thatched house on the edge of a bog, next to a railway line. The health of her cantankerous, old mother-in-law is failing, so the family have had to up sticks and go to live with her.

Slowly, over the following months, warm and generous-hearted neighbours help the family accumulate pony, trap, hens, etc., to make things easier on the new,young family in their midst.

The vivid and evocative prose conjures up a simplistic way of living that is now gone forever but, thankfully, is lovingly and accurately recorded here by the author. Through it all, the beautiful Irish brogue can be heard singing off the pages, and the warmth and generosity of these lovely people stayed with me long after I finished this book. I’m glad to have had the privilege of knowing them a little, for a short time.

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