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Hi there fellow-travellers on this the first post of ‘MY CANCER JOURNEY’ Wherever you are in the world I send greetings to you from the sunny heart of Ireland’s Ancient East.

On this morning of beautiful Irish Spring solitude I feel like joining with the birds as they serenade me, singing their sweet song in praise and celebration of life and living.

My cancer journey has only begun. A simple internal test two weeks ago gave me the devastating news that a rogue intruder with evil intent had chosen my bladder for his new abode. The cheek of him!!! No advance notice, no permission, or no hint of his presence.

A check on his growth and size says he has managed to hide undetected for quite some time and might have remained hidden for a lot longer were it not for some sharp detection work by my other neighbouring organs that ‘spilled the beans’ in the only way they know how – pain and discomfort.

I have been blessed with a long and healthy life. For that I have always thanked God and my parents. Not many can say that they were never sick in their lives or that they had never been in hospital over their eighty-one years of age. I can say it and it is only now that it is dawning on me how really blessed I have been.

On reflection, I suppose it’s reasonable to assume that this impudent predator of mine, searching around for a home, would decide to choose not any old body, but one like mine that would be snug, sturdy and strong, one that might withstand his destructive intentions and provide a lengthy and creative period of residency.



After ten days and some biopsies to see if he is the lazy or energetic type, I have got over the initial shock and am now assembling my forces for the ‘mother and father’ of a battle. I have already commandeered all the modern weaponry, knowledge, brainpower, subconscious mind, healthy diet, exercise, thought processes, faith, prayer, motivation, determination and belief. This will be a bloody war ending in a glorious victory with the eviction of my impudent squatter in total humiliation and defeat.

We are all on similar journeys. We all have the same goal in our sights. To banish a tyrant from our bodies and return again to true happiness in life.

We can do this together. Unite in love and solidarity. Share our good and not so good times. March forward together to a bright new day having conquered the scourge of our time. We will then carry the torch of health and well-being for the ones who follows us – a new generation of love, hope  and happiness.

I cherish your company on ‘MY CANCER JOURNEY’

I would love to be with you on yours too.

Please connect, comment and convey these little messages to as many as possible around the world.

The effort will be little but the reward will be great.



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