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Paddy Cummins has written twelve books. Three novels, an epic sea book, a memoir, an autobiography, two travel books, a self-help book and three collections of short stories and poems.
His travel book: ‘It’s a Long Way to Malta’ (An Irishman’s Gem in the Med) is a multiple #1 best-seller. His latest travel book: ‘In Love With Malta’ has been launched on Kindle & Amazon.
His autobiography: ‘The Long Road’ (My Journey) and his childhood memoir: ‘Yoke the Pony’ are best-sellers on Kindle & Amazon.

Copy (1) of paddy tPaddy lives in Ireland during the summer and spends the winter months in Malta.



11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sally.

    Great to meet you and to share a connection with Malta.

    I would feel honoured to have my books featured in your Cafe and Bookstore.
    (What a brilliant idea) Wednesday 16th is fine.

    Thank you.


  2. Hi Paddy. I’m so impressed by the number of books you’ve published, and hope to read a couple before too long. I love Ireland and have visited twice in the past and we hope to visit again at the end of summer next year. I know I already follow you on Twitter, and am looking forward to reading your blog posts.

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