With its wild and rugged terrain and enchanting coastline, Beara, along the Wild Atlantic Way, is arguably the most beautiful landscape in all of Ireland.

Beara 1

A winter’s night in Beara is like being in the heart of darkness itself. No stars, no moon, no light of any description. Poised on the edge of Europe with only the howling wind and the fierce crashing waves of the Atlantic ocean for company, it can be a mystical place that stands on the edge of an old world and looks out to the far-off promise of the new.

It is undoubtedly the wildest of Ireland’s peninsulas, with its rugged mountains and a spectacular coastline that stretches 30 long miles from Glengarriff down to Dursey Island at the Southwestern corner of Ireland and around and back up again to Kenmare in South Kerry. In keeping with its untamed spirit, it is commonly called…

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