cancer 3

My Weapons of ‘Mass Destruction.



Cancer is a tough cookie to conquer. Following many bruising and brutal battles, thousands of bodies have emerged victorious. Sadly some have bitten the dust.

I am not in the defeat camp. With an impressive arsenal of weapons I am in this to win. The surrender and eviction notices have been served. My arrogant little squatter has one month from now to decide his escape route – dissolve in ignominy, perform a disappearing act, or shrink in disgrace to oblivion.

I feel I’m almost too lenient and considerate in giving him a choice of evacuation, but go he must, one way or the other, leaving me to resume my life of health, happiness and well-being.


Faith was given to me when I was only three years old and it has been the strong cornerstone of my life ever since. It is a gift that I never flaunted but always cherished as a beacon of light and an unsinkable buoy that guided me and kept me afloat on many of life’s stormy seas.

I am now battling a hurricane but I know that my faith will help me navigate my way home, remembering the iconic words that calmed the Sea of Galilee – “Oh ye of little faith.”

Faith can move mountains –  I know it can also move squatters.


Hope is a simple little word but a really powerful friend to have in our corner in times of doubt and uncertainty as we battle a crisis or struggle through the trials and tribulations of life. It’s the great strength that keeps us going when our bodies and minds are at breaking point and about to give up. It is the silence that speaks, the voice that whispers – “You can do this – You can win – You can emerge from the darkness of pain and suffering to the light of a bright new day.”

My HOPE in this cancer battle is in steadfastly believing that with a positive attitude of mind, a strong belief, an endless perseverance to succeed and the solidarity and prayers of  friends and family, the dark cloud that now hovers over me will be replaced  by a magnificent blue sky of bright sunshine, banishing forever to oblivion this awful scourge of our time.


There is no greater power than the power of love! Love has the ability to heal the world. It can also cure our bodies even if our imperfection is deemed by experts to be incurable. If we are fortified with the energy of love, we can accomplish anything – resistance is futile. It has the capacity to heal our wounds and cleanse us of any negativity.

“Three things will last forever — faith, hope and love — and the greatest of these is love.”

I often yearn for a world where people just loved themselves and one another for who they are. It would be a world full of people resonating love from their hearts, and their state of being would be love. This would be a powerful energy of love where people were kind to each other and touched each other with their hearts, their words, with their eyes and their generosity of spirit.

I believe that self-love is also a powerful resource in our battle with cancer. Self-love at its core is self-acceptance of who we are just as we are, the good and not-so-good parts of ourselves. It is about self-respect and self-empowerment. It is about self-care and looking after ourselves and having compassion for ourselves when we are in a life or death battle against the enemy within that seeks to destroy us.


Weapons of Strength


So, my friends and colleagues on our CANCER JOURNEY, I hope my little thoughts will be of some help to you today.

Please connect, comment and convey these little messages to as many as possible around the world. 

The effort will be little but the reward will be great.