(The Rock of Cashel)

Ireland’s myths had many purposes.

A few of them ensured children didn’t go out at night. Others promoted the best ways to manage your crops. And some were just fantastically funny.

But when you’re in Ireland, you feel them everywhere. You imagine they had a grander purpose than societal cohesion and entertainment.

You feel they’re real and a living part of the landscapes.

So, here is a list of where you can get as close as possible to the folklore.

Yes, we all know what you’re thinking. Dublin on St Patrick’s Day would be the best place to indulge in the stories of this saint.  But no matter how much you love the spirit of this party, we think there’s a better place to go.

And that’s the Rock of Cashel. This is a unique collection of buildings and fortifications perched on a hill in the…

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