The weight of tradition in Irish culture is one of the main reasons why the Irish born and the diaspora are so proud of their heritage.

Irish symbols 1

More tangible than folklore and holiday traditions, however, are the symbolic historical artefacts that are still in use today.

Aran sweatersCladdagh rings, tin whistles, and tweed – each object, however commonplace, holds a meaningful position in Irish culture, down to the very stitches of each sweater.

Aran Fisherman Sweaters, which take their name from the three Aran Islands of Inishmore, Inishmaan, and Inisheer, are handmade made purely from wool in a variety of stitch patterns, behind each of which lies a story or symbol.

Irish symbols 2

For example, the common Cable Stitch depicts fishermen’s ropes and represents good weather at sea. The Diamond Stitch symbolises the small, neat fields of the Aran Islands, the Irish Moss Stitch symbolises growth and abundance, and various…

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