‘The Beheading of St. John’,  Caravaggio’s greatest masterpiece is here in all its explicit gruesome detail.

Co-Cat 1

The Co-Cathedral of St John standing in the centre of Valletta is nothing short of a gem and a must-see for any tourist. Described as the first complete example of high Baroque anywhere, it epitomises the spiritual and military role of its patrons, the Knights of Malta. I’m a regular visitor and still it never fails to astonish me. I suspect it has the same effect on thousands of other visitors, because it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Malta. Basically, it’s a sixteenth-century building with a seventeenth and eighteenth-century interior. A famous Italian artist, named Mattia Preti, dropped into Malta in 1661, and preferring it to home, stayed there. It was a stroke of luck for Malta, because his genius is etched all over Valletta, none more so than on the…

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