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The landscape of the Maltese Islands has always been a feast to my eye and a tug on my heart. It is timeless, mysterious and stunning. Pastel coloured rocks, little farms of green terraced fields, cute little inlets with multi-coloured fishing boats, delightful baroque architecture, breath-taking cliffs, magnificent church domes, all basking in bright sunshine, and lovingly embraced by a warm blue Mediterranean.
The nature of the landscape is unlike most other European countries. Whereas they boast of many attractive features such as mountains, forests, rivers and lakes, these are not found in Malta. Instead you will be treated to the most natural and picturesque tapestry of cliffs, valleys, hills, beaches, bays and the gentle lapping waves of a majestic, romantic ocean.

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Away from the busy towns, quaint villages and fashionable resorts of central Malta you will find an expansive idyllic countryside. You can feast your eyes on…

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