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It is of no surprise that there are now almost 40 million Americans that claim to have Irish ancestry considering that almost 5 million Irish have emigrated to the US since the 1700′s. The exodus of Irish immigrants to America really took off during the Great Hunger (Irish Potato Famine) between 1845-52 when over 1 million Irish died and many of those that survived fled in search of a better life.

The population of Ireland declined by 25% and to this day it is is still 50% smaller compared to what it was in the 1800′s. The Irish have contributed enormously to American society and many of the popular Irish family names have lived on throughout the United States.

Whether you are Irish or Irish-American, you’re probably immensely proud of your surname. Many Irish families declare their roots by displaying the crest of their clan in their homes.  Here are the…

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