Casey Cover 4

A story to tug at every Irish heart.

As biographies go, this is a little book of only about 100 pages. But it is an amazing story that soaks into the deepest emotions, evoking a myriad of feelings that will remain long after the last chapter has been read.

I, like most of my present generation, was vaguely aware of the history of the famine years in Ireland and the tyranny and oppression suffered by the poor Irish. I knew nothing of John Keegan Casey except that he was the writer of the well known rebel song ‘The Rising of the Moon.’ But now, having read this wonderful little book, I know him from the ‘cradle to the grave’ and I also know the history of Ireland from the 1798 Rebellion to the 1916 Rising.

What a forgotten patriot? A born leader of his enslaved people, a gifted poet of inspiration, an incurable romantic, a Fenian soldier, a rousing orator, a tortured prisoner, and a remarkable young man with a brilliant mind and a heart of gold.

I have read and enjoyed many of the books by Paddy Cummins, and this is another one written in his delightful ‘easy to read’ style. John Keegan Casey’s life tragically ended at age twenty-four, but he had already achieved much more than most do in a long lifetime.

Paddy has grasped every day of it, told the life story of this lovable character and in the end leaves the reader yearning for more of this incredible life and this amazing little book.

I recommend it to all who enjoy a true story of a rebel hero told in all its moods and emotions. Five stars well deserved.

Michelle Cassin.