A school teacher at 16, a national figure at 19 and a dead hero at 24.

The Forgotten Irish Patriot.

casey 2

Loved by his people for his inspirational poetry, feared by the British for the motivational power of his poems, locked in a prison cell of mental and physical torture, eventually released a broken young man, and dying soon afterwards from his ill-treatment.

This is the story of John Keegan Casey, the young Fenian Poet who inspired his anguished countrymen, crushed and destitute during the years of famine and evictions, with poems such as ‘The Rising of the Moon’, ‘The Reaper of Glenree’, ‘The Forging of the Pikes’ and ‘The Patriot’s Love’.

So much was packed into that short life. In those few years of the mid 1800’s the rallying call of his lyrical voice lifted the spirits of a troubled people and scared the oppressors into even more tortuous degradation…

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