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Rebel Voice

Lovers of Irish folk music, particularly rebel songs, will be familiar with tunes such as The Men Behind The Wire and The Boys Of The Old Brigade. But how many will know who wrote them? It’s a sad fact that too often those who take the time to pen such great ballads are often overlooked. But not on Rebel Voice!

Patrick Joseph ‘Paddy Joe’ McGuigan was born on 8th December, 1939, just after the start of the Second World War. He was a Belfast man, raised under foreign occupation and acutely aware of the injustice meted out to his people. It was this compassion for the oppressed, and a desire to see the horrors of Unionist misrule acknowledged and recorded, that led McGuigan to write some of the best known songs in the Irish rebel repertoire.

When internment without trial was introduced into the Occupied Six Counties of

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