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IF YOU’RE IRISH – Come into the Parlour. There’s an Easter Gift for you !!!

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The Irish are one of the most widely scattered nationalities in the world (did you know that one in six of us born in Ireland lives abroad?

It is of no surprise that there are now almost 40 million Americans that claim to have Irish ancestry considering that almost 5 million Irish have emigrated to the US since the 1700′s. The exodus of Irish immigrants to America really took off during the Great Hunger (Irish Potato Famine) between 1845-52 when over 1 million Irish died and many of those that survived fled in search of a better life.

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Many Irish Americans feel a deep, spiritual connection to Ireland, their homeland and the birthplace of their ancestors.

What is amazing is that many American’s ancestors left Ireland because of dire poverty and starvation. Yet despite the difficulties of their lives in Ireland, they brought a great love of their homeland with them to the United States.  I think there are few groups of immigrants so deeply linked to their homeland by nostalgic memories.  This spiritual, mystical connection has been passed down through the generations.

Throughout the long years living in the US, many Irish American still recount fond memories of their Irish grandparents or great-grandparents.  They attribute their great admiration to a warmth, wit, turn-of-phrase, or generally pleasant outlook on life that is unique to the Irish.

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So, to celebrate Easter, a historically poignant time for the Irish everywhere, I am delighted to give you all a gift of a little bit of Ireland in the form of my new book: “At Home in Ireland” (The Green and Misty Isle).

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  It is a collection of short stories and poems all set in Ireland.

I describe the ten stories as ‘Rich & Real’ because they bring to life the real charm and character of the Irish and show the richness of the wit and warmth that you only find  in Ireland.

The twenty poems which I refer to as ‘Sweet & Tender’ also come from the heart of Ireland and with their lyrical rhyme and tender themes, capture the essence and spirit of Ireland and the Irish.

So, for five days – Tuesday 16th April to Saturday 20th April – “AT HOME IN IRELAND” will be available to download, FREE OF CHARGE.

To download your FREE copy of “AT HOME IN IRELAND” just click on this link:


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