Life is a bore and a struggle

Well-heeled articulates cry.

But every three seconds in Africa,

Another little baby will die.

We feed on Globalisation,

Drink the Prosperity Boom.

A mother with no food or shelter,

Will bury the fruit of her womb.

Tax exiles study the markets,

Smile as the graph rises high.

Poor Africans scramble for water.

Many will wither and die.

Celebs and sport stars are pampered 

With millions they don’t really need.

A pound works wonders in Africa,

Many little mouths would feed.

Billions are spent on the space race,

Exploring the stars above.

Pennies from Heaven are helping

Lifesavers dispensing love.

Arsenals for mass self-destruction

Stockpiled at enormous expense.

An African child’s vaccination

Costs only a meagre few pence.

 Affluence, addiction and obesity, 

Ills that are killing the West.

Decease, malnutrition and hunger,

Sends African children to rest.

When will we see through this scandal?

Get the big picture in sight.

To be born and live life in dignity,

Is everyone’s human right.

If the lead set by tireless campaigners

In showing the World the way.

Makes hunger and poverty history,

I’ll rejoice on that wonderful day.