Today, 15th January is my birthday. I don’t have to emphasise which one it is but you’ll gather it’s a milestone and also that today I feel a great sense of being blessed with a long and fulfilling life.

I have now enjoyed eighteen years of retirement. After a work-life spanning five decades, I could hardly wait for my golden years to begin. I had no financial wealth, no valuable assets, no nest egg; just a modest pension which was about half of my final salary.

That didn’t bother me. I had the greatest wealth of all; good health of mind and body, a positive disposition and a resolve to make the very best of that new stage of my life. Now, after eighteen years of adventure, enjoyment and contentment, I can assure anyone nearing retirement that may have doubts or concerns about how they might cope or adjust to their new and unfamiliar life, that they should banish their worries. It is a rewarding and wonderful experience if they embrace it with open arms and focus their minds on making it the best stage of their life.

I count myself very lucky to have a wide and varied range of interests and hobbies. Every hour of every day is full with activity and that rascal ‘Boredom’ is never allowed a visit. For me, that is the key to an enjoyable retirement. Reading, writing and social media keeps my mind busy and sharp, and walking, cycling and gardening helps the body stay nimble and in reasonable shape. All that mental and physical activity has another important plus for me. At the end of the day, tired but happy, I’m ready for the bed and a night of good quality sleep.

So for those of you like me who are growing older gracefully, here are a few inspirational quotes that may illuminate your path with light, wisdom contentment and love.

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