I saw Leenane so quaint and still

And knew I wanted more

For welcome gleamed from every hill

And smiled along her shore.

And I a simple wandering scribe

Could not resist the call

I’ll come, this beauty to describe

And share her love with all.

And now I’m here and snuggled in

Her peaceful loving breast

Resting blissfully within

This sanctuary of rest.

Daybreak takes me up the hill

In peace and solitude

As little birds sing sweet and shrill

A soothing interlude.

Along by Killary Harbour,

The famous ancient Fjord

As Maamturk and Maamtrasna

Above me proudly soared.

The sheep upon the green hills

Roaming wild and free,

‘Round Aasleigh Falls the salmon

Leap high with life and glee.

Inspiration for explorers,

Artist, poet and scribe,

This kaleidoscope of colour

A challenge to describe.

I try to find the ‘Beauty Queen’

And see the famous ‘Field’

But Mag and Maureen can’t be seen

Or ‘The Bull McCabe’ revealed

And so I leave with spirits high,

A stimulated man

And pledge before my end is nigh

Return to my Leenane.