I was devastated a few years ago, (I was just  a young 59 years at the time), I was shopping in a pharmacy and it happened to be seniors day.  Yes, you get a 10% discount on everything you buy.
It suddenly hit me; I was a senior.  I didn’t want to admit it. Suddenly visions of depends, walkers, funeral insurance, and nursing homes swirled in my head.  The sales clerk gave me my discount and I slowly walked to my car feeling all of my 59 years.

When did I grow old?  I didn’t see it coming; I always felt so young.  Lucky for me I always felt my cup was half full rather than half empty and I always had a positive outlook on life and a sense of humour.  Heck, age is just a number, right?

I have four children, six grandchildren and two great grandchildren who fill my life with colour and wonder.  Today I’ve been married to my childhood sweetheart for fifty-two years. (sigh) I guess that qualifies me as a senior.

Today’s seniors seem younger than our grandparents of the past.  It isn’t unusual to live to one hundred or more, (something I’m aiming for).  I found there really is nothing to worry about.  Look at aging as positive stage in your life.  When you live a healthy life style, you’ll feel liberated to do whatever you want to.