Peggy Sue


When a puppy to our family came

So young, she didn’t have a name.

We joined our heads and thought it through

And all agreed on ‘Peggy Sue.’

Soon she answered to her name

A friend to all she then became,

Obedient, loyal and true,

A family member, Peggy Sue.


O’er twelve long years of up and down

On her there never was a frown.

Ate and slept, hunted too,

Relaxed and happy was Peggy Sue.

And when at times we went away,

A holiday or just a day,

Our house we left to our ‘true blue,’

And guard it well, did Peggy Sue.


Alas like all, her age it told

That she was over twelve years old.

The vet said ‘nothing she could do’

We said goodbye to Peggy Sue.

We may again a puppy get,

But not the same have we seen yet.

A faithful friend, a servant true,

There is no another, Peggy Sue.