‘Simplicity’ is a word I love.

The guiding light for me each day.

That I’ll be gentle as a dove

And from a simple life not stray.

For every hour through high or low

A shower of gifts rain down on me.

A simple never-ending flow

To guide me to my destiny.

The tyranny of great wealth I see

The frantic quest for more and more,

And side by side great poverty

Blights the world as days of yore.

My wealth is peace of heart and soul,

Contentment with my simple life,

Living out my earthly role;

No pride or ego, greed or strife.

I’m Mother Nature’s favoured child,

Gifting me her treasure trove

Of riches cherished and beguiled,

Blessings sent with joy and love.

I know some hour this bliss will cease

When darkness falls; the end I’ll see,

Then I will find a lasting peace

And rest in my simplicity.