Beauty. What is it, I ponder.

Can I describe; define?

No. This elusive wonder

Defeats all words of mine.

It nourishes my fragile senses

Lifts my spirits high

Stimulates my aging mind

Even tears my eye.

Beauty. It surrounds me,

Richly tinted hue

Adorning and inspiring

My inner mind’s eye view.

It’s there, ‘cross land and water

Enchanting, far and wide,

In rich and mystic colour

The Earth and Sea collide.  

The dawn, so still and tranquil.

Serenity and peace.

Angelic birdsong everywhere

A heavenly release.

The Rose. So beautiful and fair,

 Petals of bliss and love.

How could I not be joyful?

My gift sent from above.

It’s where the music’s playing

And the poet’s melodic rhyme

Fills my weary heart and soul

With endless joy sublime.

I find it in the good old wine

That never does grow old

In friendships true forever

And memories of gold.

Beauty. Still I ponder.

As my years keep flowing by

I’ll cherish this awesome wonder

‘Till the last blink of my eye.