The Full Irish breakfast is a noble tradition, savoured in Ireland for centuries.

THERE IS A reason that the humble full Irish breakfast has achieved cult status in Ireland.

That beautiful combination of flavours would tug your heart and bring an emotional tear to your eye – especially if you’re hungover or ‘Under the Weather.’

The succulent tender bacon rashers, the mouth-watering full-flavoured pork sausages, the palate-caressing tingle of fresh, free range, organic Irish eggs, the steaming circles of sensuous black and white puddings, the luscious taste of tomato-drowned hot beans, the stone-ground whole meal brown bread smothered in the smooth richness of Irish butter, the full-flavoured heart-grabbing mug of golden Barry’s tea.

It’s no surprise that wherever the Irish are in the world the ‘Full Irish’ is a symbol of home that is revered and savoured, especially on special occasions and celebrations.

Here are some full Irish breakfasts to try in Ireland before you die.

Breakfast 1

1. Matt the Rashers, Kimmage, Dublin

One of the capital’s most sought-after fries – and for good reason. Nothing fancy, just good quality ingredients and hangover-sized portions. Word of warning, though: they do serve liver with their full Irish. So, you might want to ask for it with no, eh, liver. 

2. Tony’s Bistro, North Main Street, Cork

Break A

The Sonny Corleone breakfast, above, is a Cork institution. It’s really good value and won’t leave you hanging when it comes to size. An absolute must when breakfast-hunting in Cork.

5. Violets Restaurant, Dublin

Break B

Sitting on Lower Dorset Street just South of Drumcondra, Violets is well known for its good quality full Irish breakfasts. Given it’s right beside Croke Park, it’s a firm favourite of those going to the match and looking for some early morning preparation.

 Step House Hotel in Borris, Carlow

Break C

It might be a hotel, but that doesn’t mean it can’t nail the traditional fry. The Step House has a reputation for having one of the finest breakfasts a hotel can produce. Worth the stay alone, some contend.

The Snug, Bantry

Break D

Just on the quays in Bantry town, this tiny little bar (hence the name) specialises in a full, beautiful fry up. It’s a proper traditional Irish pub as well, so the setting couldn’t be better.


So you see now why we Irish cherish the ‘Full Irish’ and take it with us where ever we go around the world. It has become part of us, an emblem of home, a little pleasure that warms our hearts and keeps our ‘Irish Eyes Smiling.’