Ireland will decide on Friday 25th May if Abortion will be available on demand in our country for pregnancies up to twelve weeks. In recent months an intense campaign has been dominating our lives and has split the people in two with fervour and passion on both sides.

Most people are now familiar with the arguments of both positions.

The ‘Yes’ campaigners say Abortion is already available to mothers in Ireland with the permission to travel to the UK for terminations. They also point to the growing use of Abortion pills which are freely available on the Internet. Their argument is that the new laws are needed to legalise and regularise this new development and allow Irish mothers the freedom to end their healthy pregnancies in Ireland during the first twelve weeks if they so wish.

The passionately held view of the ‘No’ voters is that all life is sacred especially a new life in the womb. They say that if the existing protection for the unborn is ended it will mean that Abortion demand will grow in Ireland as it did in other countries where 1 in 5 British babies are now aborted, 1 in 4 in France and 1 in 3 in Sweden. They believe that ‘Abortion on Demand’ will become ‘Demand for Abortion.’

Abortion 1

Okay. I also have a view. I look at it from the perspective of Ireland, its people and its culture. Throughout our history we have been praised and respected all over the world for our integrity, our values and our faith and our defence of human rights.

For centuries, we have sent our sons and daughters to foreign lands to work, to contribute, to build and to eventually become leaders, statesmen and stateswomen. We have fought many battles at home and abroad in the defence of freedom. We have been honoured for our promotion of human rights in the United Nations and around the world. We have always stood steadfast behind the defenceless and the oppressed.

I am a proud Irishman.  I know who we are, where we have come from, what we have always stood for, and the honourable principles we should uphold and cherish in the future.

Abortion has never solved a problem. The right to life is sacred. We must defend the defenceless.

I’m voting an emphatic