Niall 1

(St Anne’s Street. Dublin)

Magical musing on a flying May visit to my homeland – from Dublin city, to Galway and on to Shannon.

Foreign waitresses and bar staff who dye their hair red. “We get better tips if they think we’re Irish” one told me.

Niall 2

Everyone wants to talk about Donald Trump from the taxi driver to the college president. Good, bad or indifferent, he’s the main man.


In Ireland I met a dozen of them, older folk suddenly attracted to Ireland. One couple told me it’s because they got to know so many Irish-born folk Down Under.

Celtic Phoenix?

Niall 3

(Is the boom back? Ireland’s certainly looking well)

The Celtic Tiger is back. Money is a plenty once again and home prices are skyrocketing. A million bucks gets you just a decent house in south Dublin.

Shannon Airport

Niall 4

I love Shannon Airport. Check in, immigration, and customs were a breeze with short lines and friendly staff. I was through the whole process in 20 minutes. Dublin could learn a thing or two.

The youth!

Everyone is getting younger, or perhaps I’m getting older. A stroll through Eyre Square in Galway reveals as Yeats said “The young in one another’s arms” A country for young men — and women too.

Love of Ed

Niall 5

Ed Sheeran far more popular than The Rolling Stones. Ireland’s adopted chief troubadour sells out his Irish concerts easily. The Stones struggle to fill Croke Park. It’s hard to be a rebel in depends.


Niall 6

(What could be better than a pint of Guinness on a sunny day in Galway)

A great pint of Guinness, always.

Magical MayNiall 7

(There’ nothing quite as magic as a sunny day in Ireland)

May a great month to visit, before the tourist storm, bright until 10.3 pm, summer on the way, the year still young. What’s not to like?


Niall 8