Ryanair is now the only airline that boasts zero fatalities while having flown more than one billion people.


Ryanair is now the world’s safest airline. Following the tragic death of Jennifer Riordan on board flight 1380, after she was “partially sucked out of the plane,”Southwest Airlines lost their almost perfect safety record.

The flight left La Guardia airport in New York City at around 10:30 a.m. on April 17 headed to Dallas. Less than an hour into the journey, Captain Tammie Jo Shults was forced into an emergency landing in Philadelphia following an uncontained engine failure.

Ryanair 2

Many airlines can boast a fatality free flying record. Although, Southwest Airlines and Ryanair’s record is judged against the massive numbers of passengers they carry. According to Southwest’s official website, since their founding in Texas in 1971, 1.8 billion people flown with the airline and until yesterday, there had been zero fatalities. In 2005, a Southwest planed skidded off of a runway due to snowy conditions and killed a 6-year-old boy who was in a car.

On the other hand, since their founding in July 1985, 1.1 billion people have flown on board Ryanair with zero fatalities. In 2017, Ryanair celebrated flying their one billionth passenger. Those statistics are according to Airline Ratings, a website that uses information provided by airlines and government to determine safety rankings.

The airline that comes in second behind Ryanair is England’s Easyjet, which has carried 820 million since November 1995 with no fatalities. Among the other airlines with zero fatalities are Virgin Atlantic and Flybe, though both carry far fewer people than Ryanair, Southwest or Easyjet.


Courtesy of Irish Central.