IT’S official – Irish people are the happiest in Europe.

The results of a Eurobarometer survey published today show that 97 per cent of Irish people consider themselves to be happy.

That was the highest in the EU, against an average of 83 per cent.

The results also showed that the Irish are most likely, at 78 per cent, to think that the things that happen in their life are fair.

And 74 per cent of Irish people, again the highest in Europe, think that compared to 30 years ago, opportunities for getting ahead in life have become more equal.

Irish H 2


Over 1,000 Irish people were interviewed for the survey in December 2017.

Other results from the poll showed that 92 per cent of Irish people believe they are in good health, the highest in the EU.

And if anyone understands the importance of hard work, it’s the Irish.

A huge 99 per cent of Irish people believe that working hard is essential, higher than any other nation in the EU.

However when it comes to the fabled luck of the Irish, people from the Emerald Isle don’t put much stock in it.

Just 82 per cent of Irish people think being lucky is important, compared to an EU average of 85 per cent and a high of 97 per cent (Bulgaria).

Romania meanwhile came bottom of the happiness table, with only 59 per cent of Romanians considering themselves to be happy people.