A LUFTHANSA passenger jet has made an emergency landing in Dublin after its crew reported damage to the cockpit’s frontal windscreen.

Lufthansa flight LH978 from Frankfurt to Dublin Airport was cruising above the Irish Sea south-west of Blackpool, England when its crew declared the emergency.

Lufthansa 2

A crack had appeared in one of the cockpit’s windshields but the damage was confined to the outer layer of the glass, according to reports.

The flight crew of the Airbus A320 jet requested clearance to land immediately but confirmed there were no other issues with the aircraft.

The crew also said they would not require the assistance of emergency services upon arrival.

The plane landed without incident at Dublin Airport at approximately 11.23am and was immediately taken out of service for repair work.

Flight LH978’s return leg has been cancelled as a result of the incident, Lufthansa confirmed.

A spokesperson said: “Lufthansa can confirm that flight LH978 scheduled today, 23 April 2018, from Frankfurt to Dublin with 149 passengers on board landed safely in Dublin at 11:17 a.m. local time.

“The cockpit windshield was slightly cracked during the flight, however this did not impact the safety of our passengers at any time, thus the aircraft could land normally in Dublin as scheduled.

“As a standard procedure, the windshield is currently being replaced and therefore, the return flight LH979 from Dublin to Frankfurt had to be cancelled. Passengers scheduled on this flight are being rebooked on alternative flights.

“The safety of our passengers and crew members continues to be our top priority at all times.”


Article courtesy of :Aidan Lonergan. The Irish Post.