RTE legend Anne Doyle showed she can’t be pigeonholed with her personal style in what is becoming an increasingly rare public appearance.

The doyenne of news broadcasting has mastered the main principle of career longevity: always keep them wanting more. Since her retirement in 2011, she has been keeping a decidedly lower profile, attending select events and hosting the odd launch party, only enhancing the demand for an Anne Doyle appearance.

Ultimately, her presence is a PR coup for Kennedy’s Station, a new cocktail bar opened downstairs in Dublin pub Kennedy’s of Westland Row. Maybe it was the glistening sunshine, but we finally got our fix of Ms Doyle, who we haven’t seen at a launch event since last September.

And she wore a leather jacket on the hottest day of the year so far because no one can tell the kween what to wear or how to wear it.


Article courtesy of :  Caitlin McBride.  Independent.ie