Portuguese celebrated against Juventus in trademark style by ripping off his shirt to reveal his hulking frame.

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CRISTIANO RONALDO was once accused of being too skinny.

Last night he proved to be a far cry from the weeny teen who arrived in England with Manchester United 15 years ago.

The ripped Real Madrid superstar celebrated his dramatic last-minute penalty winner against Juventus by tearing off his shirt in trademark style to reveal the muscle-bound frame beneath it.

Former United team-mate Rio Ferdinand described Ronaldo, 33, as having the “perfect” physique for a footballer.

Ronaldo was a work in progress when he arrived at Old Trafford from Sporting Lisbon as an 18-year-old.

He revealed: “I remember the first time I heard one of the kids say to another kid, ‘Did you see what he did? This guy is a beast.’

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“I started hearing it all the time. Even from the coaches. Then somebody would always say, ‘Yeah but it’s a shame he’s so small.’

“It’s true, I was skinny. I had no muscle. So I made a decision at 11 years old. I knew I had a lot of talent, but I decided that I was going to work harder than everybody.

“I started sneaking out of the dormitory at night to go work out. I got bigger and faster. I would walk onto the field, and the people who used to whisper, ‘Yeah, but he’s so skinny,’ now they would be looking at me like it was the end of the world.”

It is no longer a secret that Ronaldo – who models his own range of underwear – spends hours honing his body.


Article courtesy of :  Toby Gannon. The Irish Sun.