Nex month Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council is to put up public signs at Hawk Cliff in Dalkey, Co Dublin, which will warn beach goers about seeing others bathing in the buff.

INA chief Pat Gallagher said:

“Every other country in Europe has these kind of signs.

It is a milestone for ­Ireland.”

The nudist-friendly beach will still be open to those who wish to cover-up, with the notices to be set in place simply for others not to be alarmed.

Gallagher explained:

“It will more than likely say something like ‘nude bathers may be seen beyond this point’.

So for someone reading that, if for any reason they are in fear or distress, at least they will have notification that there may be nude bathers.

We have always used the term ‘clothing optional’.

We simply want to go there, lie in the sun, get in the water, have a swim . . . but we don’t want to wear anything, that’s all.”


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