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Well the big day has finally arrived. That day when many of us, Irish or not, wear green clothes, drink green beer, and generally pretend we hail from the Emerald Isle.

To celebrate things Irish and things bookish, I thought I’d remind you about the 2018 Reading Ireland Challenge.  I’ve read 3 books toward the challenge so far and plan to read 3 or 4 more.  I urge you to check out the many entries in the challenge so far. These include Irish books, Irish music, Irish movies, etc.

Also, I like to direct you to Paddy Cummins’ blog. Visiting this blog is the next best thing to visiting Ireland. Here you will find Irish lore, Irish history, Irish poetry, info about his books, and even a recipe for a traditional Irish hot toddy.

The Irish Flag

I just found out my Leprechaun name is Lucky McKissyFace

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