Take a short break in Ireland’s Ancient East and visit places filled with unmissable experiences!  Prepare for an adventure through a land of legends. From brave knights, castles and round towers, to tales of emigrants, monks and ancient civilisations, Ireland’s Ancient East is brimming with stories, culture, attractions, festivals and fun.


When you explore Ireland’s Ancient East, you wander through 5,000 years of history.

In these lush, green lands, tales of feuding dynasties hide behind crumbling Gothic architecture; ghostly tombs predate the pyramids; and knights, kings, monks and Vikings loom large in incredible stories.

This is 5,000 years of history. This is Ireland’s Ancient East.


Murderous women, buried gold, magical rocks and fairy trees. In Ireland’s Ancient East, stories are all around, blurring the lines between history and myth and turning ordinary folk into legends.

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Ireland’s Ancient East feeds the soul and energises the senses. From around the world, people come here to be immersed in nature, history, and in the warmth of our people. Our visitors discover a culture that is brought to life in music, dance and stories. From the youthful energy and vibe of our cities to the tranquillity and timelessness of our natural environment, Ireland offers an experience like no other.




These beautiful Symbols of Ireland can be yours wherever you are in the world.

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