Dream Valley is located in the heart of County Kilkenny, a picturesque setting in the province of Leinster, in the South-East Region of Ireland.

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The rich green pasture of hills and valleys is shrouded by the quaint charm of Brandon Hill, adorned by the beads of little friendly villages, and landscaped by the contours of three trout-filled rivers, (The Three Sisters) flowing gently through its heartland.
It’s no surprise that this has always been a popular tourist destination, given its beauty, history and heritage. It is also a rich and fertile agriculture area; its landscape a tapestry of big and small farmsteads, multi-coloured livestock, and in harvest time, fields of golden grain.
It is also a renowned sporting county. The famous Irish National Game of Hurling is sacred here, and Kilkenny champion teams of past centuries are proudly honoured in song and in story. Horse racing is revered too, and comes a close second in tradition and popularity, with the historic Gowran Park Racecourse centrally located, surrounded by many stables and stud farms, nurseries of past and present champion racehorses.

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It’s no wonder then that Garry Wren, having learned his trade in the big equine centres of England chose this dream location to set up his training stables in Ireland. Where else would he find a beauty spot like this?
It is also no surprise that this idyllic picture-postcard landscape is the setting for a new romantic adventure novel. Dream Valley is surrounded by beauty and charm and richly deserves this honour, but as the novel shows it is also a haven of mystery and intrigue.


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