A charming, delightful story following one family’s joys and trials living on a smallholding in Ireland, in the 1950’s.

Astute and stoical Molly is uprooted from civilized city life to live in a thatched house on the edge of a bog, next to a railway line. The health of her cantankerous, old mother-in-law is failing, so the family have had to up sticks and go to live with her.

Slowly, over the following months, warm and generous-hearted neighbours help the family accumulate pony, trap, hens, etc., to make things easier on the new,young family in their midst.

The vivid and evocative prose conjures up a simplistic way of living that is now gone forever but, thankfully, is lovingly and accurately recorded here by the author. Through it all, the beautiful Irish brogue can be heard singing off the pages, and the warmth and generosity of these lovely people stayed with me long after I finished this book. I’m glad to have had the privilege of knowing them a little, for a short time.

A story as gentle and heart-warming as soft sunshine on an Irish summer’s morn.



Paddy Cummins wrote a beautiful story about a family who work together to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges as they make a difficult decision to do right by “family” in old Ireland. I felt like I was striving alongside them, wondering if “we” were going to make it. Such self-sacrifice for the love of another. Such strength of character.

This heartwarming tale is rich in history and I fell in love with this family. The characters are so real, the story so compelling. Upon reading the first page, I was not able to put the book down until I finished.

Paddy Cummins is a great story teller! I can’t wait to read his next book.



A truly heart-warming memoir vividly depicting country life in Ireland in the early 50s. The rich prose immersed me right into the midst of that warm family and community feel in the countryside. Loved every page. A highly recommended read.


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