Inside the hallway, Nancy kicked off her wet shoes, shook her head in quick semi-circles, flicking the drops widely, catching Ken with most of them. It was his cue to grab her, squeeze her tightly in a bear hug, and kiss her passionately. She responded immediately in an intense yielding that they both knew was only the start of a long night of exquisite pleasure. Relaxing their grip of each other, they moved into the luxurious lounge. Ken was impressed. It had everything, typical of Nancy, never short of luxury, her rich father always saw to that.

She wriggled out of her damp clothes, abandoning them in a heap on the carpet. He watched her beautiful full figure being unveiled before his eyes. He struggled to keep his lust at bay, but was failing. Kissing ravenously again, as her hands were busy undressing him, opening his jacket, his tie, shirt, belt and zip; the trousers and underpants slid to the floor. She was an expert, he submitted willingly, his erection growing larger and harder with every deft movement of her sexy hands.

Kissing more urgently now, he lowered her to the carpet in the centre of the lounge. On her back, her wet hair spread out, her face glowing in the beams of dim light from the little wall lamps, she looked like a big beautiful mermaid. Gazing on her, naked and sumptuous, her mature cuddly figure, gorgeous full breasts, big smiling eyes, alluring grin; he wanted her madly. He knew it was wrong. Jenny flashed through his mind. He couldn’t let that distract him now. He didn’t feel guilt. This wasn’t planned, it just happened, a once-off thing. How could he refuse this immense pleasure? He wasn’t strong enough to resist someone like Nancy – no one could – she was irresistible.

Sensing his hesitation, she sprang into action. Grabbing him, she pulled him on to her. Opening her legs wide, she fed him into her. He was ready and willing. Arching her wonderful hips and lunging upwards to clamp him tighter, the chill of sheer bliss overwhelmed him. Deeper and deeper he shafted into her steaming body, her long legs wrapped tightly around him now, they were ravenous, wriggling, surging in a delirious frenzy. He tried to make it last but there was no chance of that. Her agility and passion was just too much for him. Their frantic crazy bucking had them soaring to new heights and with one massive wild push they reached the glorious summit. It was magic, almost painful, but bliss, sheer bliss, ecstasy.

They lay tangled together for a while. Recovered, but not cured, they rose. She pointed to the stairs.

‘Come on pet … I want to show you a few new tricks.’

‘Oh yeah? Like the ones you taught me in Monte Carlo?’

‘Ah, they’re old … I have much better ones now.’

‘I bet you have.’

They hugged and staggered their way up the stairs to further blissful passion that lasted most of the night.