Paradise is a popular term for a place in which existence is idyllic, joyous and eternal.
It is a place where there is only peace, contentment and happiness, a higher place, a spiritual place, and a place where we all aspire to eventually inhabit.

Many believe in the existence of two forms of Paradise – earthly and heavenly, and some believe only in the Paradise that we can enter and enjoy during periods of our lives when we experience exquisite ecstasy and happiness.

In the novel, Dream Valley, Garry and Jenny were searching for total fulfillment and found it in adventure, love and romance. They discovered their Paradise, their Nirvana, their Garden of Eden.

But even Paradise has an entrance fee, a price that must be paid, and for two young thrill-seekers, the reward was great, but the cost was even greater.

That’s why author, Paddy Cummins, created the sub-title, ‘The Price of Paradise,’ and why readers and reviewers see it as the perfect phrase to portray the emotional and inspirational story of ‘Dream Valley.’


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