If you are one of those millions around the world that have a tint of green Irish blood – you’ll love this.
It is a gripping novel about life in Ireland fifty years ago. Seen through the childhood eyes of the author, it is a story of hardship, resilience, and ultimate triumph.
Some wonderful characters adorn the pages of this novel, especially Molly, one of those dedicated Irish mothers that performed miracles in the face of adversity, rearing big families on meager resources.
I was captivated by this trip back to bygone days in primitive rural Ireland and thoroughly enjoyed every word of it.
‘Yoke the Pony’ is a heart-warming and charming novel and gets a well deserved 5-Stars from me.
John A.
‘Yoke the Pony’ is on Kindle in E-Book and on Amazon in Paperback.
Just click: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CPKP31E