The Crying Sea
When reading the amazing novel,’The Crying Sea’ make sure you have a large box of tissues nearby. You’ll need them as you absorb this harrowing story of incredible human endurance.

If this saga was merely a work of pure fiction created in the author’s fertile imagination, it would be a gripping page-turner of deep emotional impact. But when you’re aware that these devastating events actually occurred, and as recently as 2008, then it becomes a voyage of emotional intensity that leaves you baffled, bewildered and breathless.

This is about a true sea tragedy, so mysterious and intriguing that even to-day, many questions remain unanswered. But it is much more than the tragic shipwreck of a Maltese trawler. It is about a little fishing family, the catastrophe that so cruelly visited them, and their courage and dignity in responding to it.

In particular, it is about the bravery of a little boy, already captivated by the sea, unlucky to be shipwrecked on his first fishing trip, but emerging as the real hero of this horrendous six-day struggle for survival. The courage and forbearance of this little boy, cradled in his father’s arms on a makeshift raft without food or water, lost and drifting aimlessly in the isolation of the vast Mediterranean, would cause a painful tug on any mother’s heart.

Paddy Cummins manages to capture the ocean of moods and the rivers of emotion that flood this gripping story. But his portrayal of a deep and difficult saga is moving, evocative and beautiful, leaving the reader with long lingering thoughts of intrigue, amazement and empathy. Reading ‘The Crying Sea’ is an emotional experience rarely encountered, and the story will long remain in the memory.



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