It's a Long Way to Malta - Paddy Cummins_FInal_highresAs someone who has frequented Malta many times over the years, but not as many as Paddy Cummins, I really enjoyed reading his book: ‘It’s a Long Way to Malta,’ and it made me realise that I still have much more to see and enjoy. My previous visits have lasted no more than a week at a time, not long enough.
I will now be able to explore these islands in much more detail, as early retirement has given me the opportunity to live in Malta permanently. So from my current base in Xemxija, I look forward to seeing much more of the islands that I have grown to love, and it is nice to see that someone else shares my passion for Malta and its people. I cannot think of anywhere else I would rather be.
Thank you Paddy. I look forward to reading your other books.

This is the latest of a list of 5-Star Amazon Reviews. (Published 9th April 2013)

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