When I first went to Malta ten years ago on a two-week ‘Package Holiday,’ I had no ambition but to enjoy a short break in the sunshine of a little Mediterranean island that I knew almost nothing about. I had been to many other well known resorts over the years, and enjoyed them all, but to my surprise, I soon realised that Malta was different, unique, had something extra special, some rich quality that captivated me, and led me to delve deeper into the history and culture of my new discovery. It was love at first sight, and as the romance blossomed over the years, the little islands have now become my home from home.

In those ten years, Malta has grown to a prosperous, modern, democratic Republic, and its membership of the European Union and the Eurozone has greatly enhanced its economic development. Tourism expansion has transformed the island and its infrastructure, and as more foreigners discover the scenic beauty and rich culture of Malta, the 2.5 million visitors that came last year, will certainly multiply substantially in the years ahead.

But my love affair with Malta has more to do with my admiration and affection for the Maltese people, their genuine friendliness, their devout Christianity, and their heroic history. I have been to every corner of the islands, and to every little village, and I’m always enchanted by the warm welcome I receive. I have mingled too with the visitors, especially the British, who like myself, love Malta, come year after year, and never tire of its simple delights.

This is the background to my book: ‘It’s a Long Way to Malta,’ (An Irishman’s Gem in the Med) and although there are a myriad of guide books and history books written about Malta, it is now widely accepted that this is the first travel book that illuminates the heart and soul of this fascinating country, its residents, and its visitors. It’s the result of a ten-year love affair, a journey of sheer pleasure, and for anyone seeking an intimate insight into these ‘Idyllic Islands,’ I sincerely believe that this book will be invaluable. It is now a best seller in all the ‘Agenda’ bookshops in Malta, but the big news is that today, a new paperback version is launched http://www.amazon.com and http://www.amazon.co.uk It has been featured as an E-Book on http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008QNJJBE , has been a Number One best seller, and has now enjoyed 42 weeks in the Top Ten (Amazon Top 100 Travel – Europe – Malta.

I am delighted that those readers of traditional print books can now enjoy ‘It’s a Long Way to Malta’.