002-1 I am honored and humbled by the torrents of downloads around the world of ‘Green Lodge’ on Free Friday and Saturday. I really appreciate this generous support and thank you all sincerely.
I hope you all enjoy your visit to ‘Green Lodge’ and perhaps some of you might be tempted to pen a little ‘review’. That for me, would be really special, as you know a few little words of encouragement is a great stimulant to a writer.
I really believe in togetherness and co-operation for Independent E-Book authors. That’s why I spend hours each day re-tweeting and promoting the work of other writers. For me it’s a labor of love for which I am richly rewarded. This, I’m convinced, is the future for us all.
Thanks again, and success in abundance to you all.

‘Green Lodge’ http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B24QUWK