She took him into the house. It seemed even bigger inside. The luxurious furnishings, the décor, the ornaments and the pictures, almost took his breath away. Everything seemed to be glistening: gold, silver, glass, wood, and the smell of furniture polish everywhere. He couldn’t stop contrasting it with his own simple abode, and wondered what it would be like to live in a house like this. He realised that Gillian was born and reared here, and the opulence and grandeur meant nothing to her.

She took him around the house, eventually arriving at what he discovered was her own bedroom. He hesitated outside in the corridor; she went inside and turned.

‘Come on, Ricky, this is my little nest … don’t tell me you’re scared to come in.’

He entered. Standing beside her, a strange feeling of anticipation  and apprehension enveloped him. He knew this was the start of something beautiful and exciting – possibly dangerous too – but he also knew that he now had no control of the situation, and what would follow, or where it would lead, was not for him to decide or control.

He could see in Gillian’s eyes, a hunger for love and affection, something she had been denied all her life. It was for him now to respond generously; he hoped he could, but conscious of his lack of experience, he wasn’t sure. Gillian made the first move. Clasping him tightly around the waist, looking into his eyes, she kissed him tenderly on the lips. Just as it was in the stable, this was the catalyst for hot mouth to mouth passion, but with more abandon now and more urgency. He could feel her finger nails dig deeply into his back as she savoured it ravenously. They leaned back for a breath and their eyes synchronised in love. Gently and systematically, they undressed each other. His eyes had never experienced beauty so magnetic and inviting.. They rolled on to the bed, tasting, exploring and caressing each other in all their mysterious nakedness. Almost ready for their ultimate destination, she suddenly leaned out to a locker beside the bed. Ricky couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

‘Do you always keep a supply of these?’

She smiled.

‘No … just got them on the way home yesterday.’

‘How did you know the size?’

She had that mischievous smirk again.

‘I  guessed we would need XL?’

Gillian had longed for this moment since the first day she set eyes on him in the sand-ring; the day he displayed his manly courage and character. With his stunning good looks and warm personality, she just couldn’t get him out of her mind, decided to pursue and capture him, possibly just for excitement and to satisfy her sexual desires. Now, as he lay beside her in her own bed, it was different. She now knew him and loved him, not only for his body, but for his all.

She opened to him and as he gently entered, a huge hot surge swept through her body. She trembled in ecstasy as he caressed her breasts, easing further and further into her being. They were both fit and firm from their manual work, and she thrilled at the power of his body, flexing its muscles, giving all his youthful strength exclusively to her; it was joyous and delicious. She wanted it to last forever, but the intensity of their tide of passion was rising so rapidly, it had to overflow. 

Their powerful, frenzied climb rocketed them to the summit. They crash-landed in an explosion of fireworks that sent sparks to every corner of their bodies.

After a short rest and another session of pure ecstasy, they returned to reality. Ricky said he would have to go soon, and Gillian reluctantly agreed.

‘Come on, I’ll make some coffee.’

They dressed and went to the kitchen. The coffee was strong, a much needed tonic. They savoured its calming effect.  Words were now a bit hard to find. They just sat there, sipping the coffee, smiling at each other, their eyes and body-language saying all they needed to say.



“Paddy Cummins takes us on a ride of passion as the dark secrets unravel in this epic story of Emotion, Intrigue and Romance.”

“Definitely one of the best reads of the year.”

M K Hayes. Travel writer. BBC Presenter of:
“Have Your Say”



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